Hank Merritt Launches Aquatic Revolutionaries Series

Aquatic Revolutionaries

Aquatic Revolutionaries aims to show famous revolutionaries throughout history participating in various aquatic activities. Inspiring and remembering to not be denied or dettered in chasing your aquatic dreams.The style behind the art is an inffluence of retro-styled artwork mashed up with modern 2D one-color t-shirt screen print. The absence of ink for the highlights creates a negative space that weaves throughout the illustrations.

Hank Merritt Opens Online Store

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Hank Merritt is a minority owned revolutionary aquatic outfitter dedicated to developing unique and creative clothing and aquatic equipment for people of all ages and walks of life. Check out our new Aquatic Revolutionary Line featuring Olympic Gold Medalist Anthony Ervin!

Hank Merritt Launches Restoring Order

The scales are lopsided we’re just restoring order by helping fund talented athletes and artist who are chasing their dreams.  Individuals striving to make the next level in their discipline often face an uphill battle not in their will, but on the financial constraints of their situation.  Deciding to work toward your dreams or have food and health insurance is an uneven scale which you can help even out.

Restoring Order athletes and artist often agree to prizes and gifts based on the donation amount.  Check out the line up and lend a hand.

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